Your existence is nearly unimaginable. The world as you know it was close to extinction not too long ago. Warring nations, bloodthirsty beasts, and homicidal scavengers cursed all of the lands in a time now known as the Days of the Old Pantheon.

It was an era of lawlessness, indecency, and panic — peace had not been known for generations.

Great acropolises were forced to isolate themselves from the terror beyond their borders and shun outsiders, rogues and refugees alike. Poor villages came to bow down to monster hunters in a desperate attempt for protection. And the infamous event of The Mercy Suicides — soon to be mothers freeing themselves and their unborn from this awful realm — made new widowers teach the young ones left behind of a kill or be killed world and the true length of their short mortality.

But there comes a time when gods must intervene.

The lesser deity Prometheus, an ancient who helped the mortal world prosper by first gifting dwarves with fire, wanted to help civilization once more. Although he was bound to serve out a torturous sentence for eternity by Zeus, he still had followers that could assist him. The brings he created, the coualt — benevolent serpentine creatures of great intellect and insight — were assigned to be the new caretakers and guardians of the world. Over the last millennia they had come up with a plan and gathered their resources, waiting for a time to strike and enact their master’s great plan: to empower the agents of good to become the chancellors of a new world, a better one.

With the secret help from allies of Prometheus, the coualt were imbued with additional magical abilities beyond their innate spellcasting, shapeshifting, and sight of prophecy. Over time the celestial serpents came down to earth and they took the shapes of all races, breeding with those they deemed worthy to produce the Agents of Prometheus.

Slowly but surely, one by one, these new age emissaries — gifted with the powers of a demigod and the duty to change the world — began to pop up.
Thus begun the War Between the Ages.

But why not the War Between Good and Evil, you may ask? Well, that’s because this benevolent army was created behind the back of the Old Pantheon. And betrayal is not something immortals take too lightly, especially from their own kind, even in anguished times such as these.

You, our main protagonists, live in the legendary period just at the very end of the decades long War Between the Ages. You still live in a world of disarray, but one that holds onto hope for the first time in a long time. Though you may not know it, your destinies are intertwined with the end of this historic war between God vs God, Good vs Evil. Your fate beyond that or how you get there is unknown and for you to decide. Whether you be saviors of this age, the new warlords of the next, or simply bystanders is up to you. But play wisely, every decision counts.

War Between The Ages

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